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        When Lauren and Dave told me earlier this year that they wanted to do some photos in their apartment with their cat Mabel, I was over the moon. So that’s what we did for the first part of this adorable engagement session. I think Mabel loved all the attention, and the camera obviously loved her, too. The treats probably didn’t hurt, either. When I arrived Mabel was half asleep on the bed under some covers. So cute! She is a really pretty girl with a lot of personality. I loved seeing all the special items around their apartment and meeting their cat. It was an intimate look at a couple that I don’t normally get to have. From the time I’ve spent with Lauren and Dave I’ve learned they are smart, funny, down to earth, and really fun to be with. They were super cooperative and even allowed me to do an 80’s style glamour shot with their cat. I can now check it off my bucket list. The only flaw I’ve discovered is that they seem to really like dogs. Like a LOT. This was a huge surprise to me, but I still think they make a great couple and am happy they invited me into their home. For part two of their session we left Mabel behind and went out in Hoboken, starting with Court Street. We were able to find some pretty backdrops as we worked out way downtown stopping for some shots on the water before reaching the train station. The train station shots were really important to me,  and in some miracle we were able to act sneaky enough to get some photos on the top of the stairs in the waiting room. I am really looking forward to their wedding this fall in Asbury Park. The countdown starts now!