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        I’ve been a little bit off the radar lately, but with good reason – in November we welcomed Sam to our family! I felt like I would be pregnant forever, but eventually Sam made his grand appearance. Becoming a mom has changed a lot of things around here, but one thing it made me realize was that I love photographing babies. Those little feet and hands, sleepy eyes, and first yawns and smiles are all so much fun to capture. I am amazed that the little peanut we brought home on Thanksgiving is now a 16 lb baby. They change so fast, and it is so important to capture them while they are little. That brings me to a very special announcement: I am now offering in home lifestyle sessions for new parents. As new mom myself, I understand the importance of patience + timing, and can’t wait to photograph families as they bond with their newest bundles of joy! For more information on these sessions, please contact me.