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        How cold was it the day we shot this engagement session? Pretty darn cold! But you’d never know it – they handled it with the skill and ease of pro models. I had so much fun with them at South Mountain Reservation in West Orange where they got engaged. When I met with Nicole in the winter, I thought she was SO funny. So I was pretty surprised when I met Dan and discovered that he is also so funny. They must have each other laughing all the time – they certainly had me laughing! I had never been to South Mountain Reservation, but it is a really beautiful park with a large lake and hiking areas. We stayed on the perimeter of the lake, which offered plenty of great spots for photos. Nicole and Dan are both really down to earth and hilarious. I love what I have seen of their relationship so far. They are tying the knot in March, and I am super excited for the big day, especially after spending time with them. Oh, and also because there is talk of having McDonald’s at the wedding.